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Many people dream of making money to travel. Whether it be just a photographer, a blogger, a writer, or someone on a more specific mission, there are millions of people who desire to live the flexible and adventurous lifestyle as a paid traveler. However, most don’t know how to get there, or even where to begin.

George Papp offers courses on how to obtain, or attempt to obtain, sponsorship to make these dreams reality. From email templates of sponsor pitches, to full length walk throughs on how to approach this issue, he has been a valuable resource for me to find those who are interested in helping me achieve the heightened awareness I’m trying to accomplish.

Follow this link below to access his courses, and enroll if you find value. Trust me, it’s a good value! On to our travel adventures!

Access Travel Sponsorship Courses Here



One potential challenge of exercising outside is keeping up with the intensity and volume of your workouts! Of course there are smart watches that would be able to help you accomplish this, but what if you had a resource that was designed SPECIFICALLY for measuring your HIIT work/rest ratios? Well it’s here in the INTRVL band. I’m a huge fan of HIIT for it burns more fat in a shorter amount of time, and can be done anywhere. This band allows you to keep track of your work/rest time ratios, count the number of sets, and provides you direct vibration stimulus to your wrist when the time is up, so you don’t have to continuously keep checking your watch! It’s a handy gadget, perfect for on the go training. Purchasing through this site will get you 10% off! So go out there and HIIT harder! 🙂

Purchase Your Discounted INTRVL Band Here


Myna Supply

Whether you’re the most extreme of outdoor Ultra runner, or just the casual hiker, you always need the highest quality gear to support your endeavors. Myna Supply Co out of Canada, makes this great and sturdy water bottle for even the most extreme of outdoor athletes. Stainless steal, double insulated, AND leak proof, this bottle will be your best partner on the trails, or just as an everyday container, like I use it for! Well Life only supports those who have the highest quality and INTEGRITY in their products. Myna is BPA free, and promises a money back guarantee. Best part, you get a discount for shopping with us! Use code NIKKIBYR for 5% off your bottle!

Get your discounted bottle here


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